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This Forum will be describing and analyzing the Amish Subculture in America. By Lauren, Cecilia, Judith, and Stephen.
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 Communal Values

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PostSubject: Communal Values   Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:13 pm

The Amish refer to the word Gelassenhiet when describing their communal values. Gelassenhiet is a German word meaning "yielding oneself to a higher authority." This word carries many meanings to which the Amish use in their everyday lives, other meanings are: self-surrender, submission, yielding to the will of God and to others, contentment, and a calm spirit.

  • Humility: Amish people are prohibited to have attitudes or actions that call for attention and recognition. They are also not allowed to use cosmetics, wear jewelry, or have personal photographs because all these will help them prevent them from having pride.

-Humility shows that they have respect for others.

  • Obedience: The Amish are taught to obey those that are higher than them: children their parents, students their teacher, wives their husbands, members their leaders, and younger ministers their bishop.

-They have to obey the will of God taught by their community

  • Community: Community wisdom is more important than individuals rights and choices and are valued more than the opinion of a person as well as scientific findings.

  • Salvation: The Amish believe that its faithful followers are granted eternal life.

-In order to obtain eternal life they have to be humble and obedient.

Sources: "The Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies."
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Communal Values
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