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This Forum will be describing and analyzing the Amish Subculture in America. By Lauren, Cecilia, Judith, and Stephen.
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 The Amish Buggy

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PostSubject: The Amish Buggy   Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:41 pm

The Amish Buggy is the vehicle that the Amish usually use to get from place to place. Because the Amish do not rely on most modern conveniences They do not use Automobiles. Amish buggies come in all come in different varieties in their styles such as their shape and sizes. The Amish Buggy works in the same way that a horse Carriage works in the sense that a horse harness is place on and around the neck of a horse and the horse pulls it. There are some buggies that use two horses like a chariot, but the standard for a basic Amish buggy is one horse. The biggest type of Amish buggy is the Amish wagon which is twice the length of a standard Amish buggy that can hold a party of people and is quite frequently used with tourists visiting the Amish communities. The Amish are required to display a yellow with a red-lining triangle on the back the Buggy to meet federal auto regulations similar for Automobiles.

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The Amish Buggy
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