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This Forum will be describing and analyzing the Amish Subculture in America. By Lauren, Cecilia, Judith, and Stephen.
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 The Bibliography (in progress)

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PostSubject: The Bibliography (in progress)   Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:20 pm

Aaron. “Horses and Buggies.” Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Rides,

Amishbuggyrides is a website that gives information and offers private tours to an Amish community in Pennsylvania. The main point of this website is to give information about the Amish buggies under the "Buggies and Horses" tab under different and unique categories that tells the reader of the different types of Buggies most common in the Amish community. The tab for the Amish buggies goes into great detail of the many varieties and uses for each Buggy listed on there. I found this website helpful because it has information about the Buggies in a simple and informative way. This article fits into the research by providing the relevant information about Horses and Buggies

Alles, Gregory D., and Robert S. Ellwood. “Amish.” The Encyclopedia of World Religions, Revised Edition, Facts On File, 2006. World Religions, Accessed 3 Dec. 2017.

This article goes into detail about why the Amish separated from other Mennonites. It also provides information on how the "old order" Amish are different from other Amish. This article is helpful, because it is a scholarly article from an encyclopedia that focuses on world religions.

"Amish." Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 10 Nov. Amish/7189. Accessed 3 Dec. 2017.

This scholarly article provides a brief background on the origin of the Amish religion. It also goes into detail on their beliefs and way of life. It is helpful for our research, because it is a detailed article on the Amish culture and how they live.

“Amish Quilts.” Amish Quilts,

This website allows the person viewing the website to purchase an Amish made Quilt as well as learn about what Amish Quilts are and how they are made. This website is very useful for gathering information about each Quilt of a unique kind made by the Amish community. I like this website because its informative, simple to navigate, and is straight forward describing each Quilt. The point of this website is to provide information the basics and understanding of Amish Quilts and it is relevant and helps for the research because it clarifies the fundamentals of Amish Quilts.

Horse and buggy. Image. Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 1 Nov. 2017. Accessed 3 Dec. 2017.

This image shows a young man in a buggy being pulled by a horse. In the background, cars can be seen in a parking lot. This picture showcases some of the main differences between the Amish way of life and the rest of Americans.

“The Amish Buggy.” Amish America The Amish Buggy Comments,

This website gives more information about Amish Buggies. What I liked about this one was that it is an more information-giving site rather than a shopping or servicing site which is intended for the sole learning of Amish buggies. The point of this this particular article is that it is a provider of information of Amish Buggies. This source is helpful to me in that it gives information of Amish Buggies.

Wanner, Dick. “Batteries Not Included: Amish Toy Maker Sets Us Straight on the Toy Business .” LanCasterFarming, 24 Dec. 2015,

This website educates and tells about how the Amish create toys for Amish children. What i like about this is that it is a news site for mainly Farmers and it is showing an article about toys for the Amish children. There is a lot of information that goes about in detail going in with Amish toys and this article makes it pleasant to read and learn about them.

“Why Do the Amish Quilt?” Website of NYT Best-Selling Amish Fiction, 21 June 2013,

This blog site has information containing into depth of the art of Amish Quilting. It goes into why the Amish Quilt and the carefully done way as Quilts are made.
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The Bibliography (in progress)
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